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Garden Ceramics from Kate Mellors

Kate Mellors makes a range of stoneware ceramics for the garden and conservatory, working from a converted outbuilding in rural West Dorset. All the pottery is handmade individually by Kate herself with the help of a part-time assistant. Kate's long-standing interest in gardens, architecture and outdoor pottery has led to a collection of ceramic pieces that blend with and enhance the atmosphere of the garden.

The collection includes ceramic lanterns, birdbaths, fountains, tables and a wide range of urns and planters. Many of her influences have come from the Far East and Africa. The ceramics are glazed to give a rugged, stone-like texture which can range from subdued stony blue to greenish brown in colour. You can buy Kate's garden ceramics by either requesting a catalogue and order form or by phoning 01297 678217.

Nishi ceramic lantern. Click to jump to the lanterns page.

For more information or a brochure either email us at or telephone 01297 678217.

Rosemead, Marshwood, Bridport, Dorset DT6 5QB. If you would like to visit please telephone first.

Please note: We do not accept orders outside the UK.

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